Product Information


JVT 4valves cylinder head comes in with


JVT 25mm intake valves
JVT 22mm exhaust valves
JVT valve springs
JVT valve retainers
JVT rocker arm shaft
Fleche rocker arms


JVT again proved to be an innovator with this new design new mold for the Yamaha MIO. By utilizing the 4valve set up, it allows you to increase the valve’s curtain flow area (valve lift x valve diameter) and achieve more flow and more horse power than 2 valves. 4 valves have better combustion efficiency mainly because of higher compression ratio without the use of dome pistons. Spark plug position is also vital since the plugs are positioned above and at the middle which gives flame propagation. Lesser time compared with the 2valves. JVT 4 valve head uses 25mm x 2 intake valves and 22mm x 2 exhaust valves that resulted in a more compact pent roof design combustion chamber.


JVT 4valve cylinder head, more flow means more go!

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